Jalen Amir is an interdisciplinary artist, primarily working in a combination of photography and digital painting.


An Afro-pessimist residing in the U.S, Amir’s work explores simulation theory and the African diaspora. To imply simulation, the work features lots of negative space and scenes that almost look like plays, likening the models to actors or toys. The goal is to emphasize how constructed reality is. With this sense of performance and theatre, Amir explores reality and how our ideas of wealth, poverty, work, leisure, danger, safety, and even God are shaped by slavery and an extensive timeline of Black exploitation.

Amir (age 21) hails from Detroit, Michigan but is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, where they attend Georgia State University.

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"Critical framework regarding the effects of racism, colonialism, and historical processes of enslavement including the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and their impact on structural conditions as well as personal, subjective, and lived experience and embodied reality."